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Built in 1915 at the Orbost end of the Bairnsdale-Orbost railway line when World War 1 was in progress,
this line and bridge was an engineering wonder. The line had many large trestle bridges over its 100 km length, with the Orbost bridge being the longest. Most of these bridges have now gone and those that remain, like the Orbost bridge, are of huge significance.

      From when the line opened in 1916 to when it closed in 1987, the line was an important lifeblood for Orbost and all the towns along the line.

      The Orbost railway bridge is also significant in that it’s huge longitudinal beams are made from Southern Mahogany which used to grow nearby but is now rare. 

      Although the Orbost Railway Station exists only in photographs, the huge length of the railway bridge remains as a rare historic asset with many tales to tell.

      The East Gippsland Rail Trail has given new life to this historic railway line.

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