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How is the Project funded?
This project is supported by the Victorian State Government through a Tourism Infrastructure Program grant of $3.5 million and by the Australian Federal Government through a Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Grant of over $1.065 million.

How much will the project cost
It will cost over $4 million to complete the restoration of the bridge and ancillary works including access ramps, car parking plus interpretation/information facilities and signage.

When will the restoration begin? 
The bridge restoration should begin later this year (2023). The exact timing will be dependent on the availability of contractors.

Which sections of the bridges are being restored?
The main 770 metre section that runs from the Newmerella side of the Snowy River Flats to Burn Road only. The smaller section of bridge near the concrete works is not part of the project, nor is the old Orbost Railway Station site. 

What will the restored bridge look like when completed?
The restored bridge will look pretty much like it does now. There will still be timber piles and a timber under-structure. In addition, there will be a synthetic mesh deck for walking and cycling plus safety rails attached to the deck.

Who will complete the restoration?
The restoration will be completed by contractors. Tenders will be let for the restoration and ancillary works such as carparks, access ramp, interpretive signage etc.  

Where will the timber come from to replace damaged parts of the bridge? 
As much as possible, the existing timbers will be re-used. Replacement timber, which has been certified as suitable, will be sourced from within Australia.

How long will it be before the project is finished? 
Agreements with the funding bodies are that the project be completed by June 2024. 

Will I be able to walk and/or ride my bike on it?
Yes, the design and restoration is for people to walk and/or cycle along this historic landmark. There will be access for people with all-abilities from carparks at both ends of the bridge.

Can I take my dog over the bridge? How about horses? And vehicles?
Yes, dogs will be allowed. The bridge is designed for pedestrian and cyclists use only, and horses will not be allowed because of the danger to other users. Absolutely, this is not a vehicle bridge or a train bridge for that matter. Mobility scooters will be fine.

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