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Save The Snowy Rail Bridge is a community group based in Orbost formed to save the Snowy River railway viaduct from further degrading and restore it for use as a walk and cycleway as part of the East Gippsland Rail Trail.

      This iconic 770 metre long structure is the longest timber rail bridge in Victoria and has straddled the Snowy flood plains since 1916. Restoring it to a condition suitable for walking and riding will create a stunning start or finish to a trip along the Rail Trail and provide a unique recreational opportunity for locals and tourists.

      The Snowy Rail Bridge is an icon and highly visible from the Princes Highway at Orbost and will provide a marketing opportunity for the town and another reason for tourists to stop in our district and support local businesses.

People & bicycles (8), Snowy floodplain rail bridge, Newmerella, July 2018 (H Martin).jpg
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